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Mediate presents four international media art research projects. We invite you to explore their in-between relations.

Forced by external circumstances of the current global situation, Mediate brings together four artistic research experiments that started from the same conceptual frame and evolved in different directions. 

As a digital platform, Mediate investigates the constructed in-between relations among them as a result of the desire to build connections and communication online.

You are invited to join «Brainstorm» a publicly live streamed event that will take place on Saturday, May 16, to explore in-betweenness as a communication tool.

The «Brainstorm» schedule will consist of 10 sessions, 15-20 minutes each, starting at the top of every hour from 12 CET to 20 CET. 

Each session will invite two specialists to reflect upon the in-betweenness of two proposed topics (things, objects, concepts, or phenomenon). Two “keywords” will be announced at the start of each session for the discussion to begin. Our hope is for each session to inspire exchange, and further investigation, and bring a breath of fresh air to each others’ research practices.

12-12:15 Palle Dahlstedt & Natacha Lamounier 
3-13:15 Sebastian Frese BĂĽlow & Najam Ul Assar
14-14:15 Wendy Coones & Ralph Hage 
15-15:15 Graziele Lautenschlaeger & Riad Salameh
16-16:15 Ana Peraica & Juan Pablo Pacheco
17-17:15 Francesca Franco & Sarag Blue Pailian
18-18:15 Andres Burbano & Amanda Parra
19-19:15 Maryam Mumladze & Ryszard Kluszczyński
20-20:15 Helena Nikonole & Juan Covelli

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Navigate, watch, listen to, and anticipate Mediate’s four projects below!

«Mediate» is curated by Madeleine Hammar, Maria Zolotova, Noé Cuéllar, and Olha Pylypenko, and presented by students from Aalborg University, the Erasmus Master Joint Master in Media Arts Cultures. It is part of the ongoing Possible Future Lab project founded by the MediaAC AAU academic director Morten Søndergaard in 2016 for the MediaAC 2nd semester; a project that combines critical inquiry, and thinking and practice-based methodologies, including curatorial experiments in the field of technology, art and culture. Realized with the technical supervision of Sebastian Frese Bülow and Alexander Zolotov.

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Featuring collaborative works between:

Amanda Parra (Brazil)
Czarina Calinawagan (The Philippines)
Diana Pankova (Belarus)
Jigme Tshewang (Bhutan)
Juan Pablo Pacheco (Colombia)
Julia Bande (Chile)
Khayal Trivedi (India)
Madeleine Hammar (Sweden)
Maria Zolotova (Russia)
Maryam Mumladze (Georgia)
Melinda Karpati (Hungary)
Meraj Sharifi (Iran)
Najam-Ul Assar (Pakistan)
Natacha Lamounier (Brazil)
Noé Cuéllar (USA)
Olha Pylypenko (Ukraine)
Proiti Seal Acharya (India)
Riad Salameh (Lebanon)
Suhun Lee (South Korea)

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Everyday we jump from one hyperlink to another, floating in the Internet space. Through colors, sounds, and texts you can explore this interactive digital narrative, which opens up several non-linear paths in a speculative ocean.

But where could they lead you?


Clouds surround us naturally and digitally. They use massive amounts of different kinds of energy to cover the sun, water the soil, and store our files. We speak of them as they take different shapes, symbolizing the fluidity of social change.

Would you watch clouds to reflect on how they affect how we live?


What does someone’s soul sound like? Similar to musical instruments, voices can carry both self-expression and self-understanding. Emotions, playfulness, and creativity. Join in exploring the pleasure of being heard and hearing others.

How do we feel today?


Scenarios are not forecasts, but rather projections of what is possible. The acoustic environment of Greenland becomes a metaphor for community, and for nature impacted by human action.

How do our choices form futures?


“To consider the in-betweens of things [is] to normalize an understanding of the material world as being constituted by meaning and mediation.” –Paul Basu

Being forced by external circumstances, Mediate as a digital platform brings together four independent projects that started from the same conceptual frame and have evolved in different directions. Mediate investigates the constructed in-between relations among them as a result of the internal desire to build connections and communication in the Internet space. spread like a virus among certain interconnected Internet communities since the early 1990s, according to Rachel Green. In the present, it continues as a means of expression in a time of accelerated global transformation and increasing technologically-mediated presence. Net Art's characteristics – immediacy and immateriality – are ubiquitous in daily life.

Early Net Art was characterized by groups of internationally networked artists working across long distances. In contrast, Mediate features the works of international teams working in the same city, but over the safe distance of online mediation during the quarantine. Their artistic research experiments make up four web projects: Wet Analogies, an interactive digital narrative made up of encoded and decoded signals; Hybrid Clouds, an audiovisual exploration of the homonym “cloud”; Voice Yard, a platform created to experience a concert of voices; and Resonate Greenland, a poetic questionnaire that leads to the sonic representation of possible futures on a map.

Together they display playful audiovisual metaphors of nature and technology. These are results of sudden collaborations across the mediated space of the digital, and an invitation for visitors to delve deeper in interacting with variable meanings in understanding the world.

To reflect on the ways of perceiving, theorist Vincent Pouliot uses the terms experience-near and experience-distant. The first describes the experiences of insiders in the process of perception, and the second those constructed by the viewers’ objectification and generalization of meanings. The fact that both processes can be experienced simultaneously turns perception into something hybrid, an experience-in-between.

–Madeleine Hammar, Maria Zolotova, NoĂ© CuĂ©llar, Olha Pylypenko

Aalborg, May 2020

«Brainstorm» Livestream


AAU University

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